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Which came first? The Chicken or the egg?

Our name, Auracana, comes from a breed of chicken that lays green eggs. We raise them on our New Hampshire farm and studio. Which came first the chicken or the egg? Well before Auracana was even a chick or a glimmering yoke for that matter, we spent most of our time building must-have media brands and creating their on-air content and marketing.  Just like CNN, Food Network, Cartoon Network, and many other well-known brands, Turner Classic Movies On-Air Brand and Marketing were hatched and nurtured by Auracana’s founder and it grew into one of the TV’s most iconic brands.

Although the channel has recently changed its brand identity to something far more subtle, TCM’s On-Air voice and identity remained the constant brand glue for its first fifteen years and won dozens and dozens of national industry awards for Brand Identity, Motion Design, Original Music, Cinematography, Show Opens, On-Air Promotions and many other categories including “Best Of Show” from the Broadcast Promotions and Marketing/Broadcast Design Association (Promax/BDA) for its overall on-air identity.

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